The Situation and Resolution

Marmoran is a manufacturer of wall coatings. The application of the product is done by independent licensed applicators who are trained to apply these products to the wall. There have been 2 major developments;

  1. Marmoran is increasingly called upon to provide an added service. To provide site inspections and site reports. To sign off and inspect the substrate prior to the application of the coating. To check that the wood float plaster finish is up to standard. Basically Marmoran, the Manufacturer, is being called upon to supervise the role of the applicator, but receives no fee for this service.
  2. The coating is what everyone sees….. so if there is a problem, Marmoran is blamed.Marmoran investigates all complaints. Problems normally arise from bad or non-existent water proofing or substrate issues. The contractor does not always accept responsibility, and the client thinks Marmoran is to blame which is harmful to the brand. Marmoran is a manufacturer of product only and should not be paying for the rectification of problems in construction and/or application.

To resolve these 2 problems Marmoran have set up a core team of Master Applicators.

Master Applicators

Master Applicators have had experience with Marmoran products and have dealt with big Marmoran projects. Marmoran and the Master Applicator work hand in hand to ensure a good job and satisfactory service. Marmoran recommend their Master Applicators.

N.B If there are regular complaints or recurring problems with bad workmanship the Master Applicator status will be revoked.

  1. Product Guarantee issued to applicator at end of project.
  2. Marmoran Applicator fully backed by Marmoran.
  3. Free initial, intermediate and final site inspections.
  4. Free support and onsite training.

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Licensed Applicators

Licensed Applicators have been trained to apply some or all of the Marmoran products. They pay a license fee which entitles them to free sample panels, marketing material and training. Marmoran will assess the quality of their work, their level of experience indicated by the level of turnover with Marmoran products. Assessment will also be made as to how customer complaints are dealt with. Marmoran will promote Licensed Applicators to Master Applicator once the trust between Manufacturer and Applicator has been established. Marmoran will provide a product guarantee, but it is recommended that clients get their own references and workmanship guarantee from the Licensed Applicators.

  1. Product Guarantee to be provided.
  2. Client to obtain own references.
  3. Site inspections can be organized for a small fee.
  4. On- site training provided at a cost.

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Approved Applicators:

These Approved Applicators have had training but do not have a license. They can buy a license and become Licenced Applicators. We do not oversee the quality of their work.

  1. No Product Guarantee to be provided.
  2. Client to obtain own references.
  3. No Site inspections provided.
  4. Training provided at a small cost

South Africa



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