Marmoran is a manufacturer of wall coatings. The application of the product is done by independent licensed applicators who are trained to apply these products to the wall. There have been 8 major developments:

  • Product and Colour Consultancy.
  • Specification Reports
  • Mood boards
  • Sample Panels
  • Wet on-site sample panels
  • Site Inspections and Reports
  • On-site training for applicators
  • In-house training

Regular training courses for the staff of all our Licensed Applicators are held at our Cape Town and Johannesburg premises.

The training includes theoretical, technical and practical aspects of all Marmorans’ coatings. We encourage site staff to continuously upgrade their skills and keep up to date with our product range.

Issuing of Guarantee

Marmoran give a unique guarantee ranging between 7 and 15 years dependent on the product specified. It is given by the applicator and Marmoran, the product manufacturer, they together hand in hand give a guarantee which is valid for the guarantee period of the product. It is given at the end of the application when the job has been signed off and when the applicator has been paid in full.   The terms and conditions are recorded on the guarantee.

The Licensed Applicator must inform Marmoran that a Product Guarantee Certificate is required before starting the project. The certificate is released by Marmoran once all monies have been received by the applicator.

This Marmoran Product Guarantee Certificate must be accompanied by The Licensed Applicator OWN WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEE.

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