MARMORAN, the industry leader in Customised Made Coating Systems, was established in South Africa in 1969, and is firmly entrenched as the pioneer of natural protection interior and exterior wall coatings.

The Marmoran range has initiated technically advanced solutions created by the Marmoran Research and Development team. Formulated for specific compatibility with most construction materials and climatic conditions, Marmoran’s Customised Wall Coatings are easy to maintain whilst the product’s aqueous base ensures it is environmentally friendly. The use of Marmoran products ensures unparalleled versatility in texture and colour whilst reflecting the best in contemporary international design trends.

This has led to Marmoran winning numerous awards, including the prestigious State Presidents Merit Award for Export Excellence and the Support Programme for Industrial Innovation.

With a staff of over 50 people, we work together as a nationwide, cohesive unit supporting the Marmoran brand. Forming the backbone of the organization is the Licensed Applicator concept which is already established in over 40 countries. Marmoran has blending technology, production facilities and offices that are strategically situated to support the product application. Our Cape Town offices were established in 1969, our Durban offices in 2000 and shortly after our Johannesburg factory and offices were established in 2009.

Marmoran manufactures more than 100 products ranging from high quality Preparation Products, Resin Plasters and Aggregates, Sprays, Textured Paints to Premium Paints for use in both Interior and Exterior applications. These products give a stylish individual finish that will optimise and inspire the aesthetics of any architectural design.

“Made specially for you!”

A Product Guarantee is issued when the Coating System is applied to full specification by a Licensed Applicator.