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An internal finish for walls & ceilings, designed to replace gypsum based plaster.



  • Alltek is supplied ready mixed for application by trowel or spray equipment
  • No on site mixing machinery or water required.
  • Suitable for fast track projects. Fast application and rapid drying out – reducing the programme time.
  • Can normally be over coated 24 hours after last coat.
  • The finish is smooth or textured, depending on application method.
  • Textured ceilings do not require any further decoration or painting.
  • Once cured the surface is ready for final decoration, apply one mist coat of Alltek First Coat followed by the specified topcoat.
  • No wastage – Alltek will not dry out overnight when not used, simply cover material with water and leave for use the following day.
  • Alltek has inherent flexibility and is less prone to cracking than traditional plaster.
  • Virtually all types of surfaces can be covered to a uniform appearance e.g. glass, metal, painted wood, concrete and old tiling.
  • Alltek absorbs moisture thus lessening the problem of condensation.
  • Surfaces up to 3m above the floor level can be treated without the need for platforms or scaffolding.
  • A trained team with one spray unit can complete 300-400m / day
  • Water based, non-toxic, contains no asbestos fibres or other harmful ingredients. LOW VOC LEVEL

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