BRUSHCOAT – For Textured Repairs

A matte textured acrylic topcoat for resin bonded plasters and textured coatings.



Marmoran Brushcoat is a textured acrylic topcoat designed to be used on Marmoran Plaster and Textured Coatings where the coating has been soiled or damaged. On a small area the Brushcoat must be feathered onto the affected area and large areas must done from corner to corner.


  • extremely tough and durable
  • outstanding flexible qualities
  • superior alkali resistance
  • excellent weather and ultraviolet resistance
  • controlled water vapour permeability enabling the substrate to “breathe”
  • superior adhesion to all suitably primed substrates
  • excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • rapid drying properties in both low and high temperatures
  • water-based, low odour
  • non-hazardous, non-toxic, environment friendly
  • VOC LEVEL – 0 g/L

Tinted to a wide selection of colours.