2k water based polyurethane coating.



Marmoran Hydrothane PU 221 2K Water Based Polyurethane Coating System is a high performance protective coating for steel, timber, concrete and plaster rendering. Marmoran Hydrothane PU 221 has particular application where a high degree of abrasion resistance is required, e.g. in high traffic areas like hospital corridors etc. Marmoran Hydrothane 221 is ideal to overcoat conventional or textured coatings or as a high performance glaze over Marmoran Specialised Wall Coatings.


  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Rapid drying properties in both low & high temperatures
  • Excellent weather and ultraviolet Resistance
  • Resistant to water vapour and carbon dioxide permeation
  • Outstanding flexible qualities
  • Salt Spray Resistant – suitable for coastal environments
  • Solvent Resistant e.g. Alcohols, Hydrocarbons, Petrol
  • Does not taint water
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance – 10% solutions of following: Hydrochloric, Caustic Soda, Sulphuric &
    Phosphoric Acids.
  • Water based.

Available in a Clear Gloss and Clear Satin.