Designer collection a textured, stippled and pressed metallic coating.


  • Suitable for interior or exterior use on either new or previously painted walls that have been properly prepared.
  • Marmoran Lenatafoil is a stippled and pressed low relief coating that is over coated with Marmoran Metallica.
  • 2 variations of this spray and pressed finish:
    Textured or Smooth.
  • Wide range of Metallica colours.
  • An advantage of Marmoran Lenatafoil is that it hides surface imperfections due to its high build finish.
  • May be sealed with a glaze to further enhance and protect.
  • Eco friendly, water based, LOW VOC LEVEL.
  • Made to order, supplied ready to use.

The base coat is a natural white colour, a vibrant colour from the Marmoran Metallica range is used as the topcoat.