A fine unique retro reflective coating.


  • Suitable for interior or exterior use on either new or previously painted walls that have been properly prepared.
  • A high build coating system of 1300-1500 microns total dry coating thickness.
  • Available in a wide colour range which is imparted by the colour of the background plaster. Naturally, the reflection and refraction of light off the angular facets of the glass chips affect the perception of the final colour.
  • Due to the nature of glass chip, the size varies from 1.3mm to 1.5mm and small impurities occur from time to time – as this is beyond our control Marmoran cannot accept responsibility thereof.
  • Accentuate design elements through imaginative paneling and the creation of contrasting bands. This is particularly important when applying the product over a large area.
  • Sealed with a glaze to further enhance and protect.
  • Eco friendly, water based, LOW VOC LEVEL.
  • Made to order, supplied ready to use.
  • Trowel application.