SKIMFILL (Internal and External)

A fast, ready for use and easy to apply. acrylic preparation filler and skimming plaster for interior and exterior surfaces.


Marmoran Skimfill is water based easy to use preparation filler and skimming product.
It is used to fill surface imperfections such as cracks and blowholes and is also suitable for use on a wide variety of new or previously painted substrates to give a continuous smooth top quality finish prior to finishing coat. Marmoran Skimfill can be applied as thin as 0.1mm to zero the surface. Multiple coats can be applied at 1mm to 1.5mm per application.


  • Supplied ready for use, no need for on site mixing, no wastage
  • Flexible, yet hard and durable
  • Has good sanding properties
  • Has excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Rapid drying properties, saves time
  • Outstanding water resistance
  • No need to prime once cured, ready for decoration
  • LOW VOC LEVEL- 15 g/L
  • Water based, low odour, non-hazardous, non-toxic, both environmentally and user friendly

Marmoran Skimfill is available in a natural off white colour.