Acrylic resin glaze coat for marmoran stone finish.



Marmoran Glaze 15 is a superior quality clear coating based on a high performance proprietary Acrylic Resin of outstanding quality. Marmoran Glaze 15 is used to overcoat the Marmoran Stone Finish to provide enhanced protective properties. A particular advantage of Marmoran Glaze 15 is its resistance to dirt pickup due to its unique polymeric structure. Marmoran Glaze 15 is available in gloss finish.


  • Excellent hardness and mar resistance
  • Superior washabilty and detergent resistance and resistance to dirt pickup
  • Rapid drying properties
  • Being solvent based, provides excellent adhesion and resistant to blanching
  • Has excellent abrasion resistance. Is differentially permeable, having excellent water resistance,
    yet allowing the coating to “breathe”

All Marmoran Products are tested to National and International Standards by independent laboratories.

Available as a single component clear coating in a gloss finish.